Bills Reminder For Free

Bills Reminder

Price :- ₹280 Free

About this app

Manage Bills, payment reminders, store receipts, Google Drive backups.

Track your bills and get daily reminder notification for your bill payments. Helps you to manage your recurring bills, store bill receipts, scan QR Code for product or websites, open web URL from bill details. Simple and easy to use bills reminder app and can be customizable as per your needs.

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Simple steps to stay on top of your bills:
   1. Add a new bill reminder.
   2. Specify recurring period, if it's a repeating bill.
   3. Select when you want to be see reminder notification.
   4. Save.
That's it, this app will take care from here and reminds you until you pay it. Plus it auto generates recurring bills in advance, so you never have to re enter the bill again.

 * Simple & easy to use UI
 * Daily reminder notification
 * Control reminder notification time
 * Multiple attachments, receipts photos
 * Home screen widgets
 * Categories and subcategories
 * More than 160 currencies supported

 * Clean tab and page layout
 * Dashboard overview for Day, Week, Month and Year
 * Filter & search bills
 * Copy & delete multiple bills
 * List bills by status [overdue, upcoming, paid, unpaid]
 * Supports receivable & payable bills.
 * Calender View
 * Calculator support
 * Daily data auto-backups, including captured bill photos.
 * Backup entire app data, including photos.
 * Google Drive integration to backup App data

 * Recurring bills: Day, Week, Day of Month, Month, Year.
 * Recurring settings management
 * Configurable creation of Recurring Bills up till 10 years in advance.
 * Reminder Notification: up until 3 months / 90 days before due date.
 * Control the notification time.
 * Update, delete, and recreation of recurring bills.
 * Configurable default Reminder Notification & other settings.
 * Professional build for both tablets and phones.
 * Category wise Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly reports
 * Custom date range selection
 * Advanced data view by Day, Week, Monty or Year
 * Bills trend chart
 * Period wise comparison reports
 * Generate PDF reports
 * Change category for multiple bills at once
 * Change reminder notification of multiple bills
 * Restore data, including attachments & receipt photos
 * Email support, to contact developer
 * App security, with password PIN
 * Multiple profile support

What is an profile?
A profile is an organized collection of data, like a data storage, account books, similar to having multiple email accounts.
For example: If you have multiple businesses (business units) and like to deal with each of their expenses, categories, invoice / bill, transactions, turnover separately. Create profile for each business unit. Something like: 'my off licence shop', 'my flower shop', 'all my personal expenses'.

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