Isometric Squares - Puzzle For Free

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Price :- ₹110 Free

About this game

Relaxing minimalistic abstract perspective puzzler, that blends 2D&3D worlds. 
Logic puzzle game, which offers great spatial vision training. Switch your perspective, sharpen your mind and solve all the levels.
Goal is simple: to combine square from squares by fitting them all on the grid. It's not that easy as it sounds! 
Isometric Squares offers two modes:
- difficult with isometric 3D view
- easy with top-down 2D view
Choose one which suits you more!
- 50+ levels with overall 150+ puzzles to solve
- Two view modes: 3D and 2D
- Simple rules, no instructions needed
- No time pressure, no move limits, no points, no grades
- No ADS, no IAPs, no extra payments
- Minimalistic design & ambient soundtrack
- Colorblind / high-contrast mode
- Supports both smartphones and tablets
- Haptic Feedback support
- No Internet required
- Suitable for all ages
Download now and solve all the levels.

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