Math Puzzles 2019 For Free

Math Puzzles 2019

Price :- ₹70 Free

About this game

Enjoy from easy to hard math puzzles and riddles

Math Puzzles [basic edition] is a fun and relaxing mathematical game having levels and complexity for everyone. 

Test your mathematical skills by finding the correct answers or missing numbers as quick as you can. Enhance your memory and beat your own timing! Improve your attention and relax in the same time with exciting math formulas. 

You will receive coins for every correct answer and bonus coins for solving the puzzle under a minute. Also, by playing the Math Puzzles and solving riddles on a daily basis, you will get extra bonus coins. 
You can exchange the coins for hints when you get stuck or when you get lazy.

For now you have 100+ mathematical riddles, but more will be added soon. We are working to add more mathematical complexity and scenarios to have the most exciting math puzzles game on the market.

You can play the Math Puzzles without an internet connection, so you can play it offline. The game has no ads, so the full screen is yours!