Picture Cutout Guide 3.2.10 Free For (Windows)

Picture Cutout Guide 3.2.10 Free For (Windows)

Cutout any object and regenerate it with awesome backgrounds you want.Separates solid objects from an arbitrary background and transfers them to another photo.Applies background effects: "monochrome" and "color" with the selected color; "shadow" and "blur" with the selected density. Picture Cutout Guide includes animated demo samples: the program features; indication the object boundary; simple background erase; the background effects; complex background erase; photo montage; rotation; jagged object edge; legend.Make a Picture Collage.


Wide Edge - allows separation of an object from its background and storage for later making a picture collage, applies background effects;
Paste Object - pastes a separated image into another photo, makes a collage of pictures, fulfils export and import of the objects;
Smart Patch - replaces one area of the photo with a "patch" from another area of the photo; Text; Resize; Crop; Rotation.


Download- Link
Install and follow the instructions mentioned in the readme.txt file in the zip.


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