Prettifier License For Free (Mac)

Prettifier License For Free (Mac)

Prettifier is a portrait beaulty enhancer. With Prettifier you can pick a portrait of one person and change the color of eyes, remove red eyes, change the color of lips, change color of eyelid, widen eyes, whiten teeth, smoothen facial skin, remove wrinkles, apply black contour around the inside of the eye just like makeup, and apply cheeks' makeup.

System requirements:-

All MacOS starting at OS X 10.7

Process to get the License:-

Visit the Link
Enter your First Nam, Last Name, and email address two times. Type the text shown and click on "Next".

Prettifier License For Free (Mac)

On next page you will get the download link of the software. Download the software from there or just the link provided below.


Download- Link

Step-by-step process to get license key:-

Download and install the software then click on Trial dialog > Click ‘Register’ > Mark ‘Send key to my e-mail’ > Click ‘Next’ > Then enter the e-mail address you used to register > Then click ‘Send’.

The key is sent to your e-mail address.

After you receive the key you go:

Trial dialog > Click ‘Register’ > Mark ‘Enter key’ > Click ‘Next’ > Then enter the key you have received on your e-mail > Then click ‘Authenticate’.

Note:- You have 7 days to successfully register Prettifier by requesting your first KEY.


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