Projects Complete Edition Free (Win/Mac)

Projects Complete Edition Free (Win/Mac)

HDR projects 4

This is magic - capture all of the light information for the first time. Anyone who has ever seen HDR images often finds normal photos just boring. With HDR projects 4, like an artist, you can very sensitively create very special light worlds that are not possible with "normal" photography or image processing.

COLOR projects 4

Soft colors, dull shadows, cloudy skies, midday sun - in the rarest of cases, the lighting situation is perfect. Forget everything you have heard about image processing so far, because COLOR projects 4 is the magic wand for your photos and guarantees you enjoy taking photos: for images that inspire. You will not believe how much information is in your pictures.

FOCUS projects professional

Focus stacking - sharpness photo series - the non plus ultra-professional product, architecture and macro photography is now possible for you without barriers with FOCUS projects. FOCUS projects professional creates a single image from any row of sharpness in which everything is crisp from front to back - an unprecedented depth effect in the image!

DENOISE projects: Noise

DENOISE projects are the only software to date to remove all seven types of image noise: luminance noise, color noise, banding, color cloud, hot pixels, salt & pepper, and gaps. With the completely newly developed noise reduction technology Smart Pattern Matching, you can create perfectly noise-reduced images that retain the finest details, sharpness, and color.

BLACK & WHITE projects 4

All photographers who are aware of the special aesthetics of black and white will find the right utility in BLACK & WHITE projects 4 to express their creativity. With the brand new spectral sensitivity engine, you can access every gray value of a converted color and specifically adjust its tonal value.


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