Tabbles V5.9.2 Basic For Free (Windows)

Tabbles V5.9.2 Basic For Free (Windows)
Tabbles are tags that you apply to files and other data; but they are also special folders because they can be combined, intersected, and subtracted from each other, to create dynamic combinations of files.

You can put files in as many tabbles as you want, without duplicating them. No disk space will be wasted. The magic starts when you try to open the tabble and combine it with other tabbles, to find what you need in a natural way, without the need to know which directory or drive contains the files you need.


Tag files of any kind.
Add comments to files
Explorer integration: overlay icons and context menu.
Tag emails in Outlook.
Tag webpages and bookmarks.
Tag Office documents.
Tag nesting: allow to create tag hierarchies.
“Combine” tags to search for files dynamically
Forget folders, forever.
Automation and productivity: auto-tag, share tagging, and more.
Automatic tagging based on rules.
Share tagging and collaborate with other people.
Share tagging: create the tag hierarchy once and make it available to every user.
Productivity: tag files via keyboard using auto-completion.
Preserve tags when Office documents are sent and received by email.
Find the same file through multiple mental paths.
Do not lose tags if files are moved with Explorer.
Tag freshly downloaded (or newly created) files with one click.


Download- Link
Install and activate with the license key provided.


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