MouseJiggle v1.0 Free License Key (Windows)


MouseJiggle - moves & jiggles your mouse silently to prevent your computer screen from locking
Prevents your screen from locking using a low level force system awake & will work with a remote Windows 10 machine as well as using remote desktop. Simply install & activate on the remote pc.

MouseJiggle fakes mouse movement in Windows to prevent your computer screen from locking. It jiggles the mouse pointer back & forth. It can be used in remote machines to jiggle the mouse & prevent remote desktop screen locking. It will autostart which makes it very easy to use & configure.


Download Link - MouseJiggle v1.0
License Key : S4KA-R2A8-D3VC-FMW3-68ZX-FKRF-Y2TA

Install and activate it with the license key provided above.


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