SmartOCR PRO v4.3.9.244 Free License Key (Windows)


Smart OCR will change the way you and your organization handle paper work. Now you can turn all your paper documents into editable and searchable electronic documents and save them in the format of your choice. Whether you need PDF or Word DOC, simple text, RTF or HTML, Smart OCR will do it for you.

Convert scanned text, images and scanned PDF files into editable documents with Smart OCR. Save your organization money and time. Save a ton of boring retyping, focus on your real work and be productive again.


Increased character recognition accuracy
Our new SmartOCR technology has an increased recognition accuracy of over 99.8%.

Increased Precision
Recognize fax documents, and even poor quality scanned images or screen shots.

Format detection
Smart OCR will recognize the original document's formatting and will keep it in the final file layout.

Spell checker conveniently integrated
You can even add words that are specific to your line of work.

Multiple output formats
You don't need to convert the final result. Smart OCR directly produces PDF, DOC, RTF or HTML files.

OCR from any source
Whether you have a scanner attached to your computer or a digital camera, or you have received a scanned PDF file from a colleague, or have an image file stored on your computer, it's equally easy for Smart OCR to process any of these file types.

Batch OCR conversion
Save a lot of time using batch OCR mode. Just feed all your scanned documents into the software and it will process them automatically in one batch.

Quick tasks
Smart OCR now has a quick task list for you to increase your productivity even more. The tasks include scanning a paper document using a scanner, running an OCR on a PDF, processing an image file stored on your hard drive and more.

Multiple image formats supported
Your scanned image can be in any of the popular image file formats and Smart OCR will handle it. BMP, JPEG, TIFF, GIFF and more are supported.

Built-in Text Editor
Smart OCR features a full blown text editor that helps you make changes to the document before saving to electronic format.

Manual mode
Recognize only specified areas in an input image. You might need to leave some text areas unprocessed, or adjust the image and text regions that are recognized by the OCR software. Manual mode gives you increased control.

Watched Folder
In Smart OCR Pro you can specify any folder as a "Watched Folder". Users can convert files by simply dropping a file into that folder. You can also automate your process as files arriving from remote locations are automatically processed.

Custom dictionary
The software comes with a built-in dictionary which assists during recognition and proofing. In Smart OCR Pro you can add your own dictionaries or use the MS Word dictionary. Typically a custom dictionary will contain a list of words not in the standard dictionary such as names, technical terms, or alternative spelling of some words.


Download Link - SmartOCR PRO v4.3.9.244
License Key - ARV52-23NKL-EH36W-A4XFK-F96X2

Install and activate with the license key provided above.

Note:- As it is a giveaway software activate ASAP before it ends.


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